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The Jeffco Parks Master Plan is being updated!

This is the year that Jefferson County Open Space is rewriting their Parks 5 Year Master Plan, and they are asking for Public Input Now!

JeffCo is combining the Open Space Master Plan with the Fairgrounds, CSU Extension, and Boettcher Mansion plans to create a new Parks Master Plan. However, many concerns have been identified by Crown Hill volunteers over the past several months that could cause problems at other parks. But with your involvement, these problems could be addressed in the Parks Master Plan. Volunteers have started an effort, called Friends of JeffCo Open Space, to involve the public in the Master Plan process. Please see the new section (“JeffCo Parks Master Plan”) that has been added to the Friends of Crown Hill Website, and be sure to sign up to receive updates from Friends of JeffCo Open Space via: FOJCOS@YAHOO.COM

This year (2013) we have an opportunity through the JeffCo Parks Master Plan process to provide input to the managing agency, JeffCo Open Space (JCOS). JCOS is required to revise its Master Plan every five years so this opportunity is fleeting! Details on this process and opportunities for public input are included at the link provided above.

For more information and Contact Info, please visit the JeffCo Open Space Master Plan Page.


Jefferson County Open Space has recently redesigned their website. Consequently, many of our links to their website no longer work. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this.

 News Announcement: May 14, 2013


...after much anticipation...

Jefferson County Open Space has just announced a

 Final Crown Hill Park Plan
for the

Current Project

As quoted from their website, JCOS states:

"Based on an abundance of information gathered through an extensive public involvement process, Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) has determined a final course of action for the current capital project at Crown Hill Park. This decision comes after thousands of citizens provided their input and ideas in a survey, community meetings and on site visits with JCOS staff. There was a broad range of thinking among community members with respect to the capital projects we were considering. In some cases, such as nature play areas, public desires were clear. In others, such as a shade structure and replacement of fitness equipment there was a lack of consensus among citizens. JCOS has taken all of this information into account and made a decision that honors goals for the Park as well as the common interest of citizens to keep the area as natural as possible. This current course of action does not preclude the addition of a shade trellis or fitness areas in the future based on community interest and need.

JCOS will Implement all ‘Givens’ discussed during the public involvement process. These include replacing the restroom, park information center (kiosk), adding three accessible and staff parking spaces and removal of all fitness stations. Please see MAP for locations.

Fitness Equipment – The existing equipment, that has reached its useful life and has deteriorated to sub standard levels, will be removed and will not be replaced. The concrete pads at the eight fitness station locations indicated on the map on the reverse will be removed, regraded and reseeded with natural grasses.  This is in keeping with a strong citizen sentiment to keep the Park natural and our goal to preserve the views of the lake, Park and mountains.  This work will be completed by June 30, 2013.

Tree Plantings – A larger water tap, from a 1” to 1.5”, will be purchased to support the new restroom needs and allow trees to be planted and irrigated in the one-acre area around the restrooms.  Trees that need to be removed for construction or because they are invasive species such as Russian Olives will be replaced on a one-to-one basis in this area.

Shade Structure - A shade structure will not be added at this time.  In order to accommodate nature education programs that were found to be more desirable than nature play, a small area north of the restrooms will be graded to create a flat surface to set up portable tents. This area could accommodate a shade trellis in the future. The necessary irrigation lines to water future tree plantings in this area will also be added to this area.  This is within the one-acre area that JCOS could irrigate if the larger water tap is purchased.

With the removal of fitness equipment and concrete pads anticipated by the end of June, all other work on the givens and plantings will start in late August and be completed by late fall."


We appreciate your supportive efforts and your determination to help us all preserve Crown Hill for its peaceful, passive nature. Loudly, when communities unite for a common goal, our voices are heard. This grass roots effort has now become an important part of the Crown Hill legacy.

We want to thank Jefferson County Open Space for listening to the voices of the concerned citizens, for digging up old historical land documents and shedding light on this park's rich heritage. In this day and age where progress often equates to development, we are grateful that the original mission to preserve this wildlife habitat, in perpetuity, has not been forgotten. Moving forward, it is to our benefit to build a stronger relationship with JCOS. This starts with a simple thank you to express your appreciation.

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Visit these following Websites that fellow citizens have launched to raise awareness and to share common concerns:

* Yelp - Crown Hill Park & Wildlife Preserve

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About Us:

We are group of local stewards, united by a common reverence for nature, wildlife and open space. Together, our mission is to preserve Crown Hill Open Space Park  and respect and hold sacred the sanctuary that it is. Crown Hill uniquely captures the peace and pristine beauty that a natural untouched environment offers. With grasslands and one of the last remaining wetlands in Jefferson County's Open Space program, it serves as a wildlife sanctuary for countless species of animals. It’s a place where people reflect, observe and respect the natural landscape. Visitors relish the tranquil “Openness” of this wildlife preserve and meditate on the beautiful views and ever-changing, and ever-fascinating character of the land and water. To develop this sanctuary into an urban park would undermine the trust we have placed in Jefferson County Open Space to protect and maintain this precious resource that we cherish. Time is of the essence, so please take part. 
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